Wednesday, October 01, 2008

A Note

The past should not be followed after, the future not desired.
What is past is got rid of, and the future has not come.
But whoever has vision now here,
…of a present thing … let him cultivate it.
Swelter at the task this very day.
Who knows whether he will die tomorrow ?
There is no bargaining with
The great hosts of Death
- The Buddha -

We were sitting in my belated father-in-law living room, watching our children received their Ied presents, “The Bonus”; they named their Ied pocket money presents.

Watching one of the children protested to their uncle that she’s not a kid anymore, she’s a teenager now and so was the pocket money, before another kid expressed the same issue.

Watching them counted the money and made the comparison with the total pocket money that they received last year.

Watching the older said to the little one that there’s a time she got a lot of money compare to what they received it nowadays.

Watching the time tunnel through the children, of how time flies so fast, of how the little one become a teenager and we, the parents, getting older. The cycle of life.

The time tunnels where our Ied will be replacing soon with another ordinary day until another new year bring back Ied to us again, with different story of our lives.

Another story of once upon a time in our lives


Elyani said...

Lalita, duh udah lama banget terakhir dapat angpao dari ortu waktu Imlek. Angpao itu buat aku bukan besar kecilnya, yg penting suasananya yg bikin hati jadi riang. Ya iyalah...dapet duit kok gak seneng..hehehe! Lebaran kemana aja nih?

tere616 said...

Lebaran ngumpul di rumah alm. mertua (aku tulis di blogku yg bahasa indonesia Elyani).

Disamping jadi pembantu infal di rumah ;-D

Ngapain Lebaran Elyani ? Sama suneo ya ?