Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Time Tunnel

a. Boobs.
Treespotter and Anita wrote about boobs. What an interesting posting, knowing that the main reason men love boobs because they don’t have it.

I did a random survey to my male friends, just to check whether treespotter assumption was correct, then surprisingly the answer match with tresspotter.

b. Language.
Rob and Treespotter posted this in his post several days ago; I read it through my mobile phone and haven’t got a chance to write my two cents about it.

c. Plurk World
The new world where everybody around the world share their ideas, their feelings and their comment; the world that I love to visit every day, otherwise I will loose my karma.
Seems that I have new friends but at the same time I loose my old friends, maybe because of their time line were different with me. I don’t know …

d. Office
Hm … this is the main destruction of my energy.
After a productive month in September, suddenly I lost the appetite to write, to read, even to listen to the music, whilst actually writing; reading and listening to the music are my nutshell world.

e. Mini Pinscher.
Aha … I will write about this one.
I just got a puppy, today she’s celebrating her 3 (three) months birthday and it’s about time to bring her to the vet.
She’s so funny, energetic, smart and so lovely.
But also a destroyer, she wakes me up everyday, within this week, at 04.30 AM.

f. My Social Program.
This is another project that still in the concept paper.
Hopefully within this year we can launch it, so instead of just putting my thought of poverty into writing at least I can make it real.
Become the philanthropy is my other goal even though I don’t have a bunch of money like Bill Gates.

Well … that’s all.
The preliminary writing of returning to my nutshell world, the world where no one can touch me, the world of my imagination.


Anonymous said...

It's always exciting to have a new pet. Congrats on your mini pinscher.

Btw can you replace the old link you have of me in your blogroll? Would be eternally grateful, thanks!

Anonymous said...

you love lists, don't you, 'ta? btw, i tagged you to write something about boobs ;)

Anonymous said...

Cuman Mini Pinscher kudu ekstra hati2. Kakinya suka patah2. Harus diperhatiin jangan sampe suka lompat2 ga jelas. Punya saya udah patah sekali kaki depannya *grin*

Salam kenal :)

Rob Baiton said...

Thanks for the link to my language post...

tere616 said...

the writer : Yup and it feels like you have a new baby, can't wait to be at home everyday and the reliefer of my stress to. BTW, I have replaced the link with the new one :-)

accordingtod : Done Din, the boobs home work :-)

callmeeve : Salam kenal juga. Wah, ternyata setelah saya baca advise kamu mengenai si tukang loncat itu, malamnya si mini pinscher mulai beraksi seperti anjing besar, lompat-lompat nggak karuan. Thanks ya advisenya ... :-)

Rob Baiton : Your Welcome, I follow you through the RSS :-p