Thursday, October 30, 2008

Two Side of a Coin --- Boobs Whoops

When I read Treespotter and Anita posting about boobs, then I realized that I never pay attention to the size and shape of my boobs; except during my breast feeding period since the nurse in St. Carolus Hospital reminds me how to take care of my boobs for the sake of my baby and my husband (please read it: BABY and HUSBAND)

Baby, yes I do understand, since the purpose of the boobs is to breast feed the children a.k.a baby. No one can replace the moment when a mother breast feeding their children, the moment where the 1st bonding after they carried their baby for 9 months in their womb.

Husband, well, they suppose to accept us as it is, isn’t it ? In bad and goods, so no matter how bad the changes of our body, especially in the area of “boobs”, they suppose to accept it and not complaining.

But since wives a.k.a. women always have their own judgment to their body and their worries of losing their lovely husband so when the nurse trained us how to maintain our boobs for the husband side effect, everybody were listened.

Funny huh ? No, in fact it’s normal for women. I’m not a boobs person, neither my husband. In fact he is a leg person, so leg is where my attention goes. I always compare other woman’s leg to mine. Normal isn’t it ? Like boobs comparison ?

The sexy and romantic moment for me is when I have to breast feed my two daughters. Looking at their face, their tiny hands and how they enjoy the moment was an incredible moment for me.
The wicked and funny moment is when I’m wearing the lower v-neck or tank top. Watching the eyes of the men boobs person try to imagine the size and the shape from the two enclaves really makes me wants to laugh out loud.

If there’s a quiz of women’s body which has similarity to coin, then for sure the answer is the boobs. Yes, boobs, because boobs have two sides effect, the wicked and the romantic things in one event, as a woman and as a mother.

My friend, a couple years ago asked me whether I know where she could buy a cream for boost up her boost. She felt that her boobs shape was not like before and she worried. I remember, just looking at her, and automatically my answer was the nurse advised when I was in breast feed period.

The answer is wearing a good bra, which can support our boobs and do the exercise so a woman can maintain the period of breast feed whilst at the same time perform the shape of their boobs for their husband.

Written based on Dini's Tag to me
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