Monday, December 15, 2008

The Cost of Beauty

Her name is Han Mi Ok, a Korean celebrity who became known as “Fan Lady” after her disastrous cosmetic surgery.

She underwent 15 reconstructive surgeries to overhaul her “I-don’t-think-it-can-be-fix” plastic surgery damage.

She apparently became obsesses addicted to plastic surgery and couldn’t get enough, she even personally performed a facial injection at home.

On the picture that I attached, Han Mi Ok was at the shooting of 500th episode of Shocking Stories of The World.

Well, have to admit that she has the courage to display her damaged face in public and let people learn from the mistake that she made.

I think everybody knows that “too much” at the end will bring “damage to our live”, not just plastic surgery but other things also



Mystery Shopper said...

some people just won't be grateful of what they had been given .. :(

Ori said...

OMG..I'm having goosebumps when reading this. So sad!!
She was already beautiful :(
I'm going to google this for more info.

tere616 said...

Mystery Shopper : We all have that lack of grateful, haven't we ? I think the answer is lay in ourselves, whether we accept it or not.

Ori : Yes, Ori, so sad. Feel sorry for her and happy because she can deal with her self.