Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Her Name is Lady

How amazing an animal can turn your world up-side-down, turn your sadness into happiness. I never realized it until I have her, Lady, my mini pinscher puppy.

Two months ago, my husband gave us, me and my two daughters, mini pinscher puppy. He got it from his Poland friends.

She was 2, 5 months when she arrived at our home. Her eyes made all of us fall in love right away. We hardly heard her voice at that time. The only thing that we spot was her dry nose. She loves everything with Pink.

She’s going to 5 months this Christmas and we are thinking to buy her Christmas present to replace her pink doll. It must be fun to see her searching her pink Christmas present under the Christmas tree where she knows that the Christmas ornaments is the “abandon” area for chew.

Well, God always know how to cheer up His daughter, so He gave me earlier Christmas present this time


boy said...

hi..thanks for visiting my blog. you got a nice blog. can I add it into my blogroll?

novnov said...

she's so cute....

Anonymous said...

Such a cutie! Bril idea for Christmas pressie for her. I'm buying TC - tilly cat - various flavours of cat food. She is 14 years old so doll isn't her thing. :)

tere616 said...

Boy : thanks for visiting my blog also. Yes you can. Have left a message to your blog

Novnov : Indeed

Finally-woken : 14 years old ? OMG, hehehe, yes doll isn't her thing, compae to various flavours of cat food :-D