Sunday, December 21, 2008

OMG ... Am Old

When I was a teenager, I always heard my mom or my uncle or my auntie complained about how different they were compare to “us”. Time now is different, according to them. Theirs are better than us.

As a teenager, I hate them to the bone every time they come up with their lovely word. I always wondering how big was the differences whilst at the same time I told myself not to play the same rhyme when I was at their age.

Until two weeks ago, when all the families were get together to celebrate Ied, then I just realized that all the wrinkles, the grey hair, the worst eye sight, the slowness of metabolism are nothing compare to the feeling that the time differences are coming.

I was shock to death, when my nephew’s girl friend stroked my nephew’s hair while answering our question and when my other nephew’s girl friend suddenly sat on my nephew’s lap in front of us, the aunties and uncles plus their parents.

Well, am open to all kind of romantic things, I never condemn the youngsters if they did that in front of me. But to watch your nephew, especially when they are still in their college age, it’s a shocking pink for me.

All of sudden, all that gently romantic touch reminded me of my teenage period, when all the aunties and uncles compared their world with mine.

I hold myself not to start the topic with my in law, the topic of, when we were at their age such thing. I had made my promised long time ago that I don’t want to start the comparison of my world and their world.

But I failed to do the comparison when later my husband told me that he won’t dare to stroke my hair like that in front of my parents at that time, not even ask me to sit on his lap.

I just said that time is difference now. Every generation have their own mark, their own style.

Then suddenly I heard a gently voice told me, “Hey … You are old now, all the wrinkles, grey hair, worst eye sight, fat, are not just “it”, it’s a signage of being old. But why you have to bother those Old terms. Just live your life to the fullest. Old will lose the meaning if you live happily with all the aging signage.”

Well, my one and only one enemy now, fat, actually is a good enemy because she reminds me to enjoy my gym time …

So... thanks to Aging because he reminds me to balance my body.

And… Yes, OMG…am Old but it doesn’t mean that I don’t have the colorful world, in fact, I am. I still have plenty of time to enjoy the world, to touch the world through different lens, something that I don’t have when I was young.

I have two lenses now, Old and Young …


Mystery Shopper said...

Its about what doing the good things in times right.

(gott your name in my blog, I hope you would be kind to put mine in yours.thx Lalita)

GJ said...

Just remember with age comes wisdom

Selamat Natal


tere616 said...

Mystery Shopper : Hopefully, I'll always do that. Will put yours to mine.

GJ : I will GJ, I will. Selamat Natal