Thursday, December 04, 2008

The Love to Indonesia Children - Immunization

Currently, Indonesia’s Immunization Program is at a critical phase. With 1 in 5 children is un-immunized, Indonesia now ranks 4th globally for un-immunized children, after India, Nigeria and China.

There is 1 baby (child below 1 year) dies in every 3 minutes. In Indonesia 460 infants die everyday.

In Indonesia more than 4.7 million babies need routine vaccination every year and more than 75 % of Indonesian children are still not fully immunized by their 1st birthday (based on survey by Faculty of Public Health, University of Indonesia).

The cost for immunization is IDR 25K per baby and for IDR 100K can make a difference for 16 babies.

The above information is the preliminary of UNICEF presentation at the Opening Campaign of “Cintai Anak Indonesia” yesterday, at Blitz, Megaplex.

This time, I don’t want to say my sarcasm to the government; I just said to myself of how poor we are, being the ranks 4th globally. And we, Indonesian, are not able to support our own children.

It’s a pity to watch David Beckham, Jet Lee and Claudia Schiffer, ask everybody to participate to help Indonesia’s Immunization Program. It’s a pity because there are many of people out there may not know the fact of our children’s condition.

If, we can save part of our cigarette budget, or our lunch time budget, or our shopping budget, then Indonesia will not be in the ranks 4. The cost of the cigarette compare to the 25K donation is nothing. The cost of Prada bag, the cost of Zara dress/pants/shoes, compare to the 100K donation, is zero.

But how do we know if that such information never been in our news paper, our television ? How can we educate the "lucky one" if the information out there only the news of latest club, of latest milyarder party, of the latest gadget ?

Children is our future generation, their future depends on us, the grown up people. Without immunization their future will be gone, vanish.

Immunization can prevent their future from polio, from blindness because of the measles or even the fatal one, pneumonia and encephalitis.

When one of the journalists interviewed me because of our company participation in this immunization program, they asked me why I have to thank our customer who donates only IDR 2K by saying “Thank you have saved 1 baby”.

Then I told them, 2K means a lot to 25K, the cost of vaccine. If our customer would like to save their 2K conversation per week, then by the end of the program, they already contribute more than 25K, means 1 life save by them. If they only able to donate 1 time, say there are 13 subscriber do the same thing, the end is also the same, 1 life save by us.

IDR 2K or IDR 5K is nothing compare to all of the un-importance thing that we consume. We are the lucky one, though.

At the end of the program, after the theme song of Cintai Anak Indonesia, “Setinggi Mimpi Mereka” been played, I thank God because He gave me the ability to immunized my two beloved daughters. I’m the lucky one amongst the 25% and it’s about the time to save the 75 % the un-lucky one.

Setinggi Mimpi Mereka was created by Yovie Widianto and supported by 16 Singers, which are Afgan, Alika, Andry/rif, Bams “Samsons”, Christopher Abimanyu, Ferry Salim, Krisdayanti, Mario “Kahitna”, Mike Mohede, Monita, Ruth Sahanaya, Ressa Herlambang, Rio Febrian, Rossa, Titi DJ and Yunika.

So, my beloved blogger friends who stay in Indonesia and you have Fren/HEPI, the donation is easy, just type ANAK sends to 2000.

Or if you have a member of other operator except Telkomsel, Smart and Axis, you can also do the same. Wait the instruction from your provider. For those three providers that I mention before, up to the program launching, they are not participating.

Or you can also donate through Call Center if you have account with Bank Mandiri or BCA.

Hope all of us can help our future generation, our Indonesia children.


Anonymous said...

Thankyou for sharing your feelings. I'm currently investigating the immunization system in Indonesia. Your article moves me a lot.

tere616 said...

Dear Anonymous, you're most welcome and thank you for stopping by. Nice to know that my article moves you ... :-)

Anonymous said...

Nice post and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you seeking your information.