Thursday, March 30, 2006

How "Only Love Is Real : A Story of Soulmates Reunited" changed my life

by Brian Weiss

When my friend lend me a book of past life experience, I read it like I read a boring novel.

Until one day, during my visit to Singapore and stuck at my favourite book store, Kinokuniya, I found this book.

My intention at that time was to find a psychology book which has been recommended during my Leadership workshop. But … out of blue, suddenly I stuck at the section where this book located. I was stunned with the title…and suddenly, not within a second, this book already in my hand.

I never finish read a non fiction book, I always read it half then change it to another book.

But not this time, not for this book. I can’t stop.

The experience of Dr Brian Weiss in helping his patient find the soul mate from the past, was so astounding.

From that day…I do believe that ‘reincarnation’ is not just a “wishi-washi”, it is exist.

From that day … the way I see the world changed. I do believe that the unfinished task that I’ve been done here in my current life, will be done at my next life.

From that day … I do believe someday when I have to move to another life, I never left my beloved one.

From that day … I do believe that somebody who completely a stranger, and suddenly within a second not just a stranger anymore when we start the conversation, actually was someone that we know from the past, someone closer.

I don’t ask you to adopt my thinking about past life…but this book is worth to consume.

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