Monday, March 27, 2006

The Harbour

I still can picture it in my mind, ....late at night, just sit through my hotel window…capture the bussiest of the harbour, the horn of a ship who wake me up every morning…, beautiful light which pass by my room….such a romantic scenery.

How should I describe the city, their MTR, their woman’s market, men’s market, snake soup, the ceremony entering the winter season, the food…

It’s unimaginable…, find something cheaper but good least I found a good leather shoes which lasting till now.

The adventure of Men’s and Woman’s market are WOW.
The funny story of both of us, me and my friend, we lost each other in the crowd of men’s market…, the adventure of local food where the cook can’t speak English, how we communicated through calculator.

See the fake snow there….at least near christmas, so it’s worth take a picture in front of “Fake Snow Shower”.

The scarry story when a drunk man thought that I’m the hotel’s employee…when I just went back from my adventure trip with my friend late at night.

The usual…business trip … only enjoy the city when it is dark.

I’ll go back…and do the holiday adventure this time.

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