Sunday, March 26, 2006


I’m visiting this country, 2 years ago. Can’t do much. Stuck in the meeting room for almost a week. The hotel location is near the river, Marriot Hotel. It’s WOW

Everytime we have to take a boat..and sky train to the tourist area.

Even though that I don’t have a chance to see all that beautiful things about Bangkok, that city always lives in my heart…;

I met a lot of new people there who end up as my best friend. We still keep in touch up to now.

Some of the people I met there already left the company…and so am I. But the memory about the days that we spent together ..never fade away.

We have a beautiful time there..and we know that we can’t have it back.

I certainly will go back there and go the Chiang May, the place that I wants to visit.

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