Monday, March 27, 2006


October 2003.. The night of 1st Bali Bombing…I never ever forget that date. That was my last day in Manila after almost a week spend my day at the workshop.

I remembered..I went to their book store, spend almost 3 hours there, browsing the book before choosed several books to buy.

I was fascinated with the church which located near my hotel. Fascinated with the price of their book, fascinated with guard carrying gun..everywhere at their mall.

Fascinated with the lecturer I’ve got from the Asian Institute Management Professor of customer behaviour.

The city itself…the crowded of their traditional transportation, their traditional dress which I have since I was a teenager…made me feel at home.

Not much I can say about this city, only the memories of my workshop…, the picture of our recreation night at mini golf area…, the picture of their hospitality..

And most of all…the kindness I’ve got from my colleagues, which still live in my memories.

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