Sunday, March 26, 2006

My year in review

I just changed my life. It’s been 3 months now.

After working in financial institution for almost than 12 years..then I decided to become an entrepreneur.

It’s not an easy things..I’m still strugling with myself, asking whether this is a good thing, whether this is the best choice.

Looking back to 3 months ago, I can see how my life’s changed dramatically. Don’t have to run for a meeting to another meeting. No coaching session. No vendor’s deal. No complaint handling to be solved. No system problem to be discuss. No big project to be done.

My life is more softer now. Still travel to other cities in Indonesia, still meet new people…but with the different topic.

I’m more patient then before.., more humble then before…..

Wow…can’t say more.

So, if you asked me, do I miss my office ? I will said definitely that I don’t miss my office but I do miss my friends, my staff.

I miss the way they tease me, the way we are arguing, the way of creating a new system…

But this is my choice…as my friend said to me “Hang on for a while, you can get a job anytime, this is your chance to be a business woman”..

Wish I still get the courage to move on..

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