Monday, March 27, 2006

Kinokuniya - Orchad Road

How many times I’ve been in Singapore…?

Hm…I’ve been there in 2001 for a week, on the job training. 2005 and 2006….just recently.

The rest…was a transit at Changi Airport, the airport that I adore, where during my trip to other country I always wish that the transit city is Singapore.

What I remember most…the MRT, the cleanness, walking around Orchard Road, Expo, the Food, Clark Quay, China town, Bee Cheng Hiang, Little India, the school, and most of all my beloved book store, Kinokuniya and Borders.

Stayed there for 1 week, alone, was not a boring time. I never regret that day…finish my work at Marine Parade or Changi Area, back to my hotel which located in Orchard…take a shower..then walk to my beloved places, Borders.

Browsing the book, take a cup of coffee, watching people pass by, then…ate my aunt annie’s on the way back to the hotel…

Sometimes ..check the latest fashion at Takashimaya..but always end up at Kinokuniya.

My trip to Singapore is always a business trip. But even though it is a business trip I always love my trip to the city that I feel connected.

It seems that I’ve born there…

Recently, I didn’t stay at the hotel, I stayed at the appartement at St Thomas Walk..,

It’s a new adventure for me, looking through my kitchen window every morning, how people prepare their breakfast, or hang in their clothes…

Seeing an Indonesian worker took the dog for a walk…, seeing a bus school pick up the student…

I promised to myself that my next trip, I will go to every corner that I only read through the tourist guide, find my new experience of that city.

Is it hot there ? Absolutely….but it is worth to visit.

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