Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Beautiful Things in Life

Most of the time, in our daily life, we tend to forget the beautiful things that always greet us when we woke up from our dream.

We were in rush to meet our deadline ; the deadline that we set to ourselves. We were in rush to jump in the traffic to be able to be on time at the office. We were in rush to prepare breakfast for our children. We were in rush to buy our errands.

We were in rush to stop noticing the beautiful things that make our life richest.

Therefore, if somebody asked me, what are the three beautiful things in your daily life, my answer for sure are :

1. The smell of the grass on rainy day ; The warm of sun that shines on summer day
2. The color of my frangipani, the color of my small petal bushes, the color of the soil
3. The unknown people that I met along the way to the office

Because that three beautiful things always bring me to a place where my dream seems real, to a place where dream turns into reality …


Sandeep said...

nice thought, and true too...really forgot enjoying some basic thing...which sooth us....keep blogging....like your articles...

tere616 said...

sandeep : so .. what is the basic thing that sooth you ? why don't share it through your ad blog :-)