Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Truth

I was watching “Grey’s Anatomy” this evening, when there’s a scene about the truth.

It was in one scene about a woman who is dying and so emotional because she wanted to go home to prepare her daughter birthday. Her own doctor did not tell her about her condition; instead, her doctor gave beautiful scenario about her condition. Until the other doctor told the truth about her latest condition.

The woman was shocked but then she realized that she did not have much time to spend with her daughter. So, she did as every mom in the world do, prepared her daughter for the worst.

The way that woman telling the truth to her daughter was amazing. She did not explicitly tell her daughter about her condition, instead she was telling her daughter every single detail every mom in the word will do.

Did her daughter realize ? Yes, her daughter realized about the truth when her mom told her of how to choose a man to be her husband and how many glasses of wine she should take during her wedding ceremony.

….Phew, I have to hold my breath and tears, when it comes to that part. The truth in that scene was so painful and relief …. ( I can’t find it in Indonesian film ).

In addition, suddenly … that word .. flying like a bee in my mind … .THE TRUTH.

In our daily life, we always have to meet the truth along the way. Sometimes, it just a simple truth, but the other times, the truth that we met is THE TRUTH that affect our journey.

Therefore, when it comes to truth that affects our journey, no one can say that it always ends in laughter, instead most of the times it ends up with pains and relief.

It takes the courage to tell the truth. It takes the courage to see the sadness, the hurtful, the painful in somebody’s eyes. It takes the courage to face the reality that the truth will leave a footprint in our lives, in somebody’s live.

Yes, it takes the courage to say I love you, the courage to say that I can not be with you, the courage to say that I need you, the courage to say that you’re dying, the courage to say that you’re ugly or beautiful, …it takes the courage when it comes to the Truth.

Because it takes the courage to say the truth, there are many times in our lives that we prefer to mendacity, in the name of “relationship”, in the name of our “lives”.

But not for Indonesian woman blogger, Nila Tanzil, on Behind The Screen of Melancong Yuk: Malaysian Episode, she took the chance to say her opinion about Malaysian tourism board, even though the chance was she lost her job in one of Indonesian national television.

But not for one of Indonesian dean, when he took the chance to say his opinion about violence within his college, even though the chance was the president of the college is deactivating him.

But not for others who never afraid to say the truth about anything in life ……

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