Sunday, April 08, 2007

Foot Haven ... sometimes in March

I find this article in my blog folder .. it should be published sometimes in March, but because of the failure of my internet connection, seems that I've forgotten ...

The story for yesterday was … nothing, except feel gloomy, mad, and tired of talking.

I should write these yesterday, however as usual, my lovely internet connection got problem again.

So after series of meeting, I decided to pamper myself to foot haven, a place where I always visit when I need foot massage or foot spa. I like the smell of the oil, the aquarium (makes me feel calm) and the music.

This time I asked for foot massage and as expected, pain in everywhere. The massager showed her surprises because I could feel the pain.

I’m not a goddess … am human ..:-)

Anyway, I thought by having foot massage, I could sleep like a baby when I reach home. In fact, I could not sleep again. I have put my Bach on, but still my mind refuses to stop the thinking activity.

I remember my communication with one of my colleague, after the emotional evening meeting, he told me that I made a wrong statement by hoping that everything would be back to normal. He’s right this time, so I said to myself to face the reality and prepare myself for the “battle”.

So …. Back to my Foot Haven, am glad that I made good decision. Pampering myself…..

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