Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter Reflection

May you always feel His love in your life.
Happy Easter

I logged on into yesterday to find an Easter e-card for my friends. As expected, almost 80 % of the card has Easter Bunny as their theme card. The rest is either flower, spring or the religious one.

It is difficult for me to find Easter Card with the combination of the smell of spring and religious, since the choice was limited.

Finally, I have several cards, which reflect my feeling of Easter and my love to all of my friends. The feeling of graceful that God has given me a life to be feel with good and bad, with love and hatred. A colorful life …..

As a catholic, the 3 holy days, means a lot of me. Every single day have their own meaning, have their own reflection of my life. Life that I share with God ….

I’m not a religious person, in terms of going to church every week, or praise God along the way; am not that kind of person. Instead, I’m the person who’s trying to find excuses for not going to His home.

As my friend said, whatever reason you’re trying to prove, not attend the mass, still wrong. No one will say that you’re reason is acceptable.

Nevertheless, today, after I finished send Easter text to all people in my cell phone directory, I got a reply from my friend. He was a little bit mellow because he just realized the time he had given to Him.

As a liberal person, I tried to convince him that he must fulfill his obligation first then serve God through every way. It’s no use if he serve God and forget his own obligation as a boss, as an employee and as a son of his mother. The replied was my answer is an excuse.

…….. I always label my self as a liberal person while actually I’m not. Instead am a conservative person for myself not for others; Therefore, when I read his text, I draw back myself to my nutshell and try to reflect his message.

For these 3 days, I felt so lonely, sad and relief.

Lonely and sad because I just realized that I’m not good enough giving myself to serve others, especially my daughters. I don’t have a bunch of patience if I have to deal with my parents. I always said that I don’t have enough time to communicate with Him. I never find a time to open my heart.

Relief because I know that He always walk besides me, hold my hands tightly, and carried me through the dark. Relief because I still have time to rectify all the excuses I made.

So .. Easter ; is it about a bunch of chocolate bunny or a spring flower or colorful egg ? The answer is Easter about happiness, about promises, about hope to live the life He has given to us ….

And this is my Easter song

Give thanks
With a grateful heart
Give thanks
To the Holy one
Give thanks
For He’s given Jesus Christ, His Son

And now let the weak say I’m strong
Let the poor say I’m rich
Because of what The Lord has done for us
Give thanks

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