Friday, April 20, 2007

God is there .....

I got an SMS from my mother yesterday evening. She told me that my friend was in hospital. My mom just told me that he was robbed and stabbed. So I went to MMC hospital to give support to his wife.

It was late already when I reached MMC hospital, so I decided to meet his wife and talk for a while. As my expectation, he must be opened his car glass window. But he did it because that man, who has stabbed him, asked him to give his cell phone. And because he was panicked he press “AUTO” button at his car. He gave his cell phone but that man did not show his mercy, he still stabbed my friend.

His liver and his left hand were in critical condition. The doctor needs 6 hours to safe his life and this morning, also need at minimum 5 hours to safe his left hand.

His wife keeps asking me why nobody helps her husband. It happened at 5.30 pm at Casablanca underpass, and people at that time was rush on their way back home. The traffic was jammed at that time. She also mentioned, they have to deposit 25 million IDR, otherwise the hospital did not want to operate him.

I could not say anything, and just listened to what she says. She told me, she has warned his husband that the agenda that she did not want to have dinner at home, because she must do some errands. But for some reason, no one even understands, not her husband colleagues, not his wife, not his parent, the proper person insist to go home at that day at that time.

I just say to his wife, we could not understand because we are not God. Maybe someday we will understand, maybe not. But I do believe and I hope she also believe that there’s a blessing behind all this sadness.

My final word before I went home was you need more time with your husband and children, especially since today he must go through to another operation again.

………… On my way back home … in my nutshell space, I’m questioning people’s inner self. He was bleeding and no one stopped to help him. Instead all of them was still in their car and only gave him a chance to pull over his car. When he asked a help to take him to the hospital, no one stop. People were afraid to give him hand. He must pay IDR hundred thousand to ask somebody to take him to the hospital. In his car, blood was everywhere and I can imagine how bad his condition at that time.

How bad is our inner self out there ? Do we lose our sense to help ? On the other hand, are we afraid of being accused as the bad man ? I don’t know. I don’t have the answer. Maybe we were so busy with our own life. Maybe I have to realize that Jakarta is big city and one of big city typical thing was “Mind your own business”.

So it’s beyond my understanding, if we always say to ourselves, that we were different with other nation. We are known as “smiling” people, West always admire our culture, the way we do something collectively.

The answer is still in the dark …..

Tried to picture myself in that situation, and the answer, maybe I will stop and help him or maybe not. It depends on how bad the situation was. So it is unfair to judge people outside there just because not to help my friend at that day …

So if I put myself in my friend’s shoes. I don’t think if I could think clearly and know how to act at that critical condition. He must love his family very much by trying to focus to save his own life. And suddenly I remember his wife voice and face, when she said, “he loves me and our children so much … In every way he do, ours is his priority.”

What I do understand was, God is there when he could think clearly. God is there when at least somebody took him to the hospital even though he had to pay that person. God is there when all his colleague came to the hospital and pay the deposit for the operation. God is there when he is still alive after 6 hours operation.

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