Friday, August 22, 2008

Accident, Hospital and The News .. in Indonesian way

For all of you who live in Jakarta, Indonesia and read Jakarta Post newspaper, then you might notice city news of August 20.

The news title is “Malaysian hit by TransJakarta bus on 19 August. The person that the journalist mentioned in that news is my colleague. The accident was true but the identity is totally wrong, because he’s not 23 y.o. and not Malaysian Embassy staff. In fact, he’s one of our chief in our company.

He didn’t bring his car at that day so he took a taxi and no one of his family accompanied him at the hospital, in fact, we were the one who knew that he got an accident.

Also about the injury statement from the head of Jakarta Police accident, where he stated that there’s no vital injury in my friend’s vital organ, was totally wrong. He had suffered serious injuries; the doctor in Jakarta would like to amputate his right arm and didn’t notice that his ribs and right hand were broken. He also has to undergo brain surgery.

We just finished our workshop when my HR VP suddenly informed us that our colleague had an accident. I rushed called my former boss and asked him to contact our colleague’s wife since suddenly I lost my colleague wife’s number.

Then we heard that my colleague’s secretary already in the hospital, to take care all of the administration and insurance, since he has SOS medical insurance.

Therefore when we read the article in Jakarta Post, we were confused. But since the accident by Transjakarta on that day only once, then the article must be pointed to our colleague.

The worst part is about Indonesian doctor decision to amputate his right arm. Lucky that his wife is a doctor and all of her family also doctors, so she consults his husband condition to her entire family. The decision finally came out around 10.30 PM that he will evacuate to KL before finally changed to Singapore, since her brother in law have recommended her to the one of neurologist specialist in Singapore.

When the decision came out, there’s no flight to evacuate him. SOS only is able to evacuate him around 06.00 AM.

Phew, being in the hospital that night really made some of us awake. The hospital is a private hospital where several years ago, my doctor (now he’s already become a professor) got banned to practice. The reason were so simple because he’s handle HIV-AIDS patient and he were active in giving the understanding of how to deal with HIV-AIDS patient. At that time, HIV-AIDS is something new here not like today.

Therefore, as a private hospital then he should be ready with all of the preparation to handle a patient like my colleague, but in fact, they didn’t. My friend has to buy an ice cube so the hospital could put my colleague’s arm in the ice.

Second, the decision to amputate his arm. Well, I’m not an expert, I’m as blind as others, but the amazing one, doctor in KL and Sing were so sure that they can save my colleague’s arm. Therefore, they instructed that he must be evacuated before 05.00 AM.

The news that I got yesterday, the operation of saving his right arm in Singapore succeed, and now he’s in close monitoring before they operate his brain.
Third, the information from SOS administration which at the end made us panics. The information was like a professional. She stated that when the decision to evacuate came out then SOS will take care all the preparation to evacuate the patient. We were assuming that the plane was ready. Because the time of evacuation is important for the patient, especially if there’s several action to safe patient organ.

The fact, when SOS doctor finally came and the decision was safe to evacuate the patient, the plane is not there.

Well …. I just remember of gj’s post on August 14, “You Know You’ve Been in Indonesia Too Long If.” There a bunch of list in his article about foreigner who followed most (not all) Indonesian people will do.

I think I will add … You Know you’ve been in Indonesia too long if …

You believe doctor’s statement that there’s no hope for your life
You only read 1 newspaper and never read other’s newspaper or news portal

I don’t want to discredit Indonesian doctor, I have several doctor’s were they recommendation were logic, where they examined you carefully. There is also a lot of incidence where Indonesian doctor have done amazing job.

But to get that kind of doctor especially when fate is not with you is like a miracle.
My late beloved father had lost one of his eyes because the doctor gave wrong recommendation and since my father didn’t want to get second opinion, so he underwent that operation.

I know that even in other countries there are also mall practices or doctor that gave wrong recommendation. The problem is others bad story never come out. Their story only appears in movie, like John Doe or Awake …

Its life anyway … can be happening anywhere …


Silverlines said...

I have actually stopped believing what's in Jakarta Post long time ago.
It is time for Indonesia to have another big English newspaper in the business so they know and apply the word "competition" better.

I hope your colleague will be recovered before long.

tere616 said...

Can't agree more than you :-(

Yup, I hope that he will recover soon.

Anonymous said...

Have you contacted the newspaper/the reporter who wrote the story? This is a grave mistake. However, I won't blame it on the reporter alone, the Jakarta police press officer is infamous for giving misleading information to the press

Anonymous said...

must've been a horrific accident, huh? my gosh...

somebody from your office should write a 'letter to the editor' or something like that to straighten things up or at least questioned the reliability of that article. how embarassing.

tere616 said...

The writer : No, I haven't. I know it's a grave mistake. But thank you for giving me an idea. Let me see, what happen next after I told them the truth.

accordingtod : yes, it's embarassing, but the most embarassing is the indonesian doctor decision. My other malaysian and philiphino colleagues commented just a couple days ago, "phew, it is so scary here, how can we believe Indonesian doctor ?"

And I just look at them, speechless :-(

Anonymous said...

It was a mistake, an accident why bring "indonesia" as a culprit.

why so cynical about your own "indonesia"

if jakarta is horible , why thousands of expatriates remains flooding our apartments, lounge, real estate. Live in the very luxury way, things that they dont even dream it before while us remain simple. Not to mention malaysian, from the gretaest hupocrite country, who throw outs millions of poor indonesian, your brother, after a completed exploitation and humuliation, and KLIA, KLCC, Putrajaya was extablished.

what values that those expatriate share to us to your company to you. Do they make your business more profitable, do they make your value and paycheck higher ?

phew ... it was a mistake, it was an accident, why bring "indonesia so badly. Inferiority complex ?

tere616 said...

anonymous : It is not about inferiority complex.

It's about speechless that as a country even our doctor couldn't be as professional as them.

If you were in our company, then you will hear the same comment about how the indonesian doctor made the decission.

One of the comment is "how if we don't have enough money and it happen to one of us, then for sure we will lose our arm."

Even my belate father had to lost one of his eye, because the "Indonesian" doctor made wrong decision. Also my mom, she had to underwent surgery for her eyes where actually, she didn't have to.

Need another example ?

Anonymous said...

so what do u call those people expatriates who live 1000sq mtr house, 4 maids, 5x ur salary but give no value to ur company, they come to ur company preted they are expert, while actualy you yoursekf who really resolve the company problem. are they rober ?, no no matter how stupid they are bcause they foreigner. your master, slavery mentality ?

a friend of mine spent 1800 usd per day for 9 days and 75000 usd to evacuate father in law from johannesburg south africa, and guess what it is maltreatment , try to send protest, no work. and doctor of jakarta who remedy this oldman, is any body call them south african way.

who works for gleaneagles jakarta or other international foreignener owned hospital, yes they are your bloody indonesia doctor, in ur words.

indonesia is progressing a lot, and global power direct the perspective of indonesian with inferiority complex to blame their own country. the objective to get this massive and huge market of opportunity. they want us fight each other. and the inferiority complex like you is overwhelem.

with that reason it comes very logical that ,more foreign hospital is needed. more hypermarkets, and more whites, indian, pakistani, malaysian, my goodness .... lately.,, bangla, haha

my father has once experience one of top doctor in singapore , a cancer prostate expert, guess what he is indonesian,

i acknowledge ths doctor mistake, read my writing carefully why you bring indonesia as culprit of doctor an jakarta post, not to run a way from the fact. dozen of mistake quoted by time and cnn, amreican way ?

jaka said...

I believe it is not inferiority complex. It is that the quality of many doctors in Indonesia is lower than our neighbors'.

In fact reading this part: "my father has once experience one of top doctor in singapore , a cancer prostate expert, guess what he is indonesian" just pointing the reality: low quality of many Indonesian doctors is because they lacked of infrastructure (access to colleagues outside, instruments, reasonable chemicals price, and so on) to support their professionalism.

tere616 said...

jaka : Yes, you're right. The fact of lack of quality, lack of infrastructure made our doctor in the eyes of a foreigner as un-professional.

Too bad ..