Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hillary ... oh ... Hillary (part 2)

We are not Americans that are for sure; therefore Hillary’s nor Obama’s speech will give a huge impact on Indonesian 2009 election.

But, as a country, where the preparation of 2009 election has started in 2008, I think we should take the American President Election as an example of how to fight in a grown up manner.

It’s a shame to read the news that former president Megawati (or the other former president, depends on the regime) didn’t come to the Palace on Indonesian Independence Day celebration, while the others come.

It’s beyond my expectation when I read of how people were stunned because of her speech, and how beautiful her speech, even though others may say that it is part of politic, but still … it’s a nice move and showed the maturity of her.

Compare to Indonesia, phew … maybe it takes 100 years for Indonesia to be able like her, admitted her defeat bravely while at the same time still consistent with her view of certain issue.

Here I copied some of
her speech

We need leaders once again who can tap into that special blend of American confidence and optimism that has enabled generations before us to meet our toughest challenges. Leaders who can help us show ourselves and the world that with our ingenuity, creativity, and innovative spirit, there are no limits to what is possible in America.
This won't be easy. Progress never is. But it will be impossible if we don't fight to put a Democrat in the White House.

We need to elect Barack Obama because we need a President who understands that America can't compete in a global economy by padding the pockets of energy speculators, while ignoring the workers whose jobs have been shipped overseas. We need a President who understands that we can't solve the problems of global warming by giving windfall profits to the oil companies while ignoring opportunities to invest in new technologies that will build a green economy.

We need a President who understands that the genius of America has always depended on the strength and vitality of the middle class.

When I wrote these, my oldest daughter asked me whether am Hillary’s fans. I said I admired her but for some reason I love Barack Obama.

Yes, I admired her because of her speech and her consistency in the issue that she fights for.


Ecky said...

I'm with you, I admire Hillary but somehow I want to see Barack Obama as president :)

tere616 said...

ekcy : is it because of the inferiority feeling ? (my lovely anon comment on me)

Anonymous said...

haha this time just kidding on the air

1. Hillary and Mega have a similarity. Mega has nothing to sell but her father. Hillary has nothing to sell but her husband.

2. Obama dark skin, his kenyan muslim father, his muslim middle name Hussein, his support to gays and lesbians might cause Dems loose the race.

tere616 said...

anonymous : whatever ... :-D