Sunday, August 24, 2008

I'm No Superman

I can’t do this all on my own
I know that I’m no superman
I’m no superman
- Scrubs -

I was in my victory dance when suddenly my team reported to me that Miss Who Knows Everything complained of my way to not recruiting another member to strengthen my team, besides questioning the decision of not buying the sophisticated system.

I felt that suddenly somebody was trying to hold my nose for 20 sec which made me gasp of fresh air.

At that time, I didn’t want to destroy my victory dance, especially after the I couldn’t sleep rhythm on that night.

But the next day, after another lame-brain made his move, then I started to drag myself to nutshell, and come to this thought of these office type people :

1. “The Who Knows Everything than others.” You will notice this type of person when that person start to tell the story of someone’s past story or the worst part when that person start to investigate their “leader-to-be” or their colleague position in new company or when they start to comment everyone’s job.

2. “The Flirty.” Hm ...., this person will use their flirt ability to influence their goals or to get the leakage information.

3. “The Gossiper”. What is the difference with “The Who Knows Everything than Others ?” Quick glance, both of them looks like similar, but actually there’s a difference in terms of their objective. The objective of the gossiper only to spread the rumors, nothing more than the happiness of spreading the rumors, can be positive can be negative. While The Who Knows Everything the objective is to make someone looks bad, to turn down somebody.

4. “The Where the Wind Blow”. Oh … this is the fun part of this type of person. They will support their boss or even get along with their colleague, where in the beautiful spotlight but can suddenly turn that person down just because life is not in that person side.

5. “The Play Safe”. Well … most of the people in the office are in these zone. Not because their bad, but because of thousand reason. One of the reasons is because they don’t have the chance to be in that war and second because of their safety net. The worst part is when this type of person makes a mistake; they will try to find someone to become their victim, their scapegoat.

6. “The Supportive”. Whatever the reason, this type of person always see the bright side and always think ahead to rectify the unfortunate condition.

7. “The Stupid”. This person always think that people never have bad intention to others, as long as they never hurt somebody, than there’s no reason for others to have bad intention to them.

The truth, I didn’t give a damn of these type of people in the office, until I watch “Scrubs”, then I realize that we need these kind of people otherwise our life will be lame.

I still hate those who do the bad things, but I think I have to learn how to play nicely without lose the ground.


Xander Qruze said... politics..I almost forgot all about them..thank God I don't have to be in that atmosphere anymore. I think I was on #8-the dumb and dumber...hahah!..just kiddin'

Katadia said...

Hi Tere... kunjungan balik :). I don't know which number I'd be since I've never worked in an office.

All I know are: restaurant politics (used to waitress), and politics in academia (I am NOT an academic but I like the rare gossips in my institute... It's like "borrrr-riing"). The only politics I'm involved in right now is negotiating with my two year old: "Can I have choco now mummy? Just a little bit? Can I at least hold it? Can I open the wrapper mummy? Can I taste it mummy? Please? Can I lick it now?"

tere616 said...

Xander : Lucky you :-D But the beauty of the office politic is you can see the "other" face of that person. BTW, I think am the number 7, "The Stupid", LOL

Katadia : Dealing with kids is the toughest politic in the world :-) Up to now, it's always a never ending request and refusing : "You promised me that shoes. Why you said you don't have money ? You can withdraw through ATM ? See, I can find the solution for you ?

Hehehehe.... the toughest job is to be a mother. Thanks for the visit.

Anonymous said...

apa betul ini office politik. atau bukan sekedar bahwa ibu memang dari dulu selalu punya problem dengan atasan dan peers wanita.

mungkin dari sini masalah bisa diurai dan diperbaiki.

novi said...

haduhhh udah lupa mbak....rasanya udah berabad2 nggak bersentuhan dengan dunia kerja haha..Gosh, udah 10 thn euy jadi pengangguran hahahaha...
*melirik komentar katadia*
Kok sama ya ....The only politic I'm involved in right now is negotiating with my 2 sons...and Gosh it is not easy at all!!!!!

tere616 said...

anonymous : kalau cuma saya yang bermasalah dengan "Miss Who Knows Everything" berarti saya yang bermasalah. Tetapi, kalau semua orang, maaf sekali, tampaknya masalah bukan pada saya :-)

Mungkin lain kali jangan langsung menuduh, ada baiknya bertanya dulu :-(

novi : hehehe...justru yang paling sulit adalah berpolitik dengan "si kecil" :-D

Anonymous said...

bu bukanya atasan sebelumnya yang pria dan orang asing bukannya sama buruk kepepimpinannya dan juga buruk dalam market dan product knowledge.

Kok ga dipanggil Mr... seperti ibu pemimpin yang sekarang, apa hanya karena dia orang asing ?hahaha

tere616 said...

anonymous : Dear Anon, 1st, she is not my boss. 2nd, don't pretend that you know everything about me. 3rd, if you "hate me to the bone", then there's nothing to say.