Monday, August 18, 2008

Happy Independence Indonesia

Dear My Country,

Happy Independence ….
Hope God always is with you and your family.
May your coming year will be happier than before …

People say that the getting older is the happiest thing, because the older we are the wiser we are. Hope you will feel the same thing …

I know that lately your life were not quite good,
There are a lot of issue in your family, from religion up to the poverty issue, from the bribing issue up to corruption (well ... bribe and corruption are like coin, aren’t they), from the party preparation for next year election up to Olympics issue, and other things.

I also read in the newspaper that the celebration were like last year, except the celebration at Jalan Jaksa, where the tourist took part.

Seems that everybody was enjoying your party … (good for you).

But, I also noticed that people especially your grand children, take the celebration for granted. They even did not notice the story when you were free even though you have given them the freedom to talk, to write and to read (off course).

I don’t know why your children keep it as a secret. They only told your grandchildren the stories that give benefit to their own purposes. I don’t think either that your grandchildren do aware of the Great Names besides their president.

Do they know Gajah Mada ? or Tan Malaka ? or the others who perform the foundation of the country ?

I bet, they know but they don’t understand those Great Names effort of your Independence.

I read somewhere that we have to learn from the past. History is not about the past it is also about the future, because from the past we learn something that makes us like today.

Well, anyway, the celebration of your Independence gave people a chance to take a long vacation and time for rest, something that we need lately.

Once again, Happy Independence Indonesia. Hope that the celebration will not make us forget the past and others Great Name besides the other Great Name which written in our history book.

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