Tuesday, February 03, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

I've got this from my old friend, Alice. She tagged me through FB. So here are my 25 Random Things about Me :

1.Long time ago, journalism is my main dream, can’t live without it

2.I’ve been in the customer service world for almost 21,5 years and that world give me a lot of experience dealing with people. The worst part, I can’t get rid the habit of examining people through their body language, their voice, their face.

3.Now .. for the first time in my life, I switch it to CRM and it’s already going for almost 8 months. Even though it’s not relate to “serve” but still in the “customer” world.

4.I love to read a book and love to buy. It’s difficult for me to resist the temptation to buy the new book even though I can’t read it right away. I still have a book that I haven’t read for almost 2 years and I’ve nearly forgotten that book until I saw it on my 24things.

5.I value openness, so be frank with me, I don’t like flowery words. I always feel that people were trying to “buy” me.

6.I love the beach as much as I love the scenery of the mountain.

7.God were so kind with me, He showed me the Wheel of Life. Just name it, I’ve been in the condition where we have to sold our clothes to buy the food; I’ve also been in the stages of life where we can buy anything, where I owned more than 3 cars, got the newest model that only certain people in Jakarta have, be with the crème de la crème. Now, I’m just the ordinary like everyone.

8.Religion for me is my personal things with GOD. No one can touch it. I have chosen my own way to praise GOD, after a long and deep dialogue with Him. But it doesn’t mean that I’m fanatic, instead I’m open for any knowledge or the good part of every religion. I never condemn if someone’s want to convert their religion, it’s their choice of how to meet their GOD.

9.I’m a mother of two beautiful daughters with a wish that sometimes being single again. It’s silly, maybe, but when the day was so tough, when I was so tired to handle all the questions from my two beautiful stars, sometimes I wish that God will grant me a quiet day, where I can do anything of my own as when I’m single.

10.I’m married to a Muslim and never have the desire or push him to convert his to be mine. I’m happy for his choice because he found his peacefulness as a Moslem.

11.I love challenge, new things always attract me, feel like a magnet for me. Like learn how to crochet, knit, how to make bracelet, necklace; my passion was so intense as much as my boredom after I learned it.

12.I’m good in interpersonal skill, got compliment for it from all my bosses and my colleagues.

13.Someday I want to be a philanthropist, not because it is the way to heaven, but I feel that I have to share the blessing that I have to others who don’t have the same “luck” like me.

14.I’m afraid to Ghost, and that’s the reason I don’t like horror movies ....

15.I always nauseated with worm and cockroach, can’t take it. Those two animals are monsters.

16.I love dog so much, the cutest animal in the world. I love Panda and Bear too, but they are not pet 

17.3 years ago, I decided to quit and set up my export handicraft company. It’s a boldest decision but it’s worth it. I’ve learned a lot how to set up and run a new company. At the end, money is always being the most important things when we run the company.

18.I always believe that people are kind even though I’ve got cheated every time.

19.I made my testament of my requiem mass. One of the list that I made was I don’t want people wear black clothes when they see me. Death is the happiest thing in the world for the death people. So I want my family to be happy for it. Therefore BLACK is a big NO NO on my death day.

20.I love jasmine and tuberose flower. Love the exotic smell of those flowers.

21.I want to go back to college and mastering product design. I’m enough with all marketing stuff.

22.I love travelling.

23.I’m a bluntly, easy going person. I’m also easily forgotten people’s mistake. I never bear a grudge, it’s not me.

24.I love to cook, I’m good in Italian, Macaroni Schotel, Kastengels, oxtail soup, and Manadonese

25.I believe in Reincarnation, Heaven and Hell is in our daily life.

Now .. I'm tagging Dini, Felicity, Soe, Caroline, Ecky, Anita, Therry, Parvita, Rob, Elyani, Eva, Opie, Wirapati, Boy, Adit


Anonymous said...

Sudah kuposting tuh di blogku, kebetulan aku ditag duluan sama Diny jadi ya udah dibikin duluan.


Elyani said...

Aku lebih takut sama jambret/copet daripada ketemu hantu :)

tere616 said...

the writer : Hehehe...nggak apa-apa koq :-D Aku di tag sama temenku itu sudah setengah bulan di FB, baru aku bikin sekarang :-(

elyani : Wakkakakak, aduuh El, ini tuh gara-gara pernah lihat orang kesurupan waktu jaman jambore pramuka dulu, setelah itu sampai sekarang kalau tidur lampu harus nyala, kecuali ada temennya.

Anonymous said...

oxtail soup????? my favorite!!! when i'm in jakarta, if i ever made it to jakarta, you ought to cook me one :)

boy said...

hey, i alreaady made it. Check out my facebook profile :)

tere616 said...

accordingtod : Don't worry, I will cook it for you when you were in Jakarta.

boy : Will check it :-)

Elyani said...

Hi Jui..tag-nya udah aku buat ya..silahkan dicheck :)