Friday, February 20, 2009


I am calm and steady in every situation, like a rock in a storm
I feel light and easy, giving all my burdens to God
- Inspirational Cards from Brahma Kumaris –

Those messages were come from my Brahma Kumaris Inspirational Cards that I bought at Bali Spirit, Ubud, last year.

The instruction of using the deck stated that whenever I feel I need help in a challenging situation, or some inspiration, or just a new way to look at life, sit quietly, ask, and then select a card or two, at random. Then, let that card guide you to a fresh new way of thinking – a new me !

Surprisingly for these two days, even though I have shuffled the cards and put the card other way around, those two cards, always become my selection.

Yesterday, when I read those cards on my way to the office, I felt like God gave me His love so I would be able to walk and think clearly in this difficult situation. But apparently the purpose of the message was not as I’m thinking. The situation were even worst than I thought.

Then for the first time in my life, I do understand the meaning of my discussion with my friend last year. The higher the position you held, the loneliest you’ll become.

Yesterday, for the first time in my life, I’m there.

It’s hard to stay calm and steady in this situation but I have to.
Smile to the team, act like nothing happen.

Today, when those card become my selection again, although I’ve done the same ritual like yesterday, I know that God still love me.


bloggerbercerita said...

Semangat, Mba!! Badai pasti berlalu. *halah, sotoy abis*

Wiwin Lee said...

wow, indeed very inspirational cards.. thanks for sharing mba juui =)

tere616 said...

bloggerbercerita : Wakakak,nggak sotoy lah. Badai Pasti Berlalu, tapi ketika rasa sendiri itu datang, rasanya persis seperti film Badai Pasti Berlalu *hihihi, nggak nyambung ya ..*

Wiwin : you're welcome. BTW, I kill you if you call me Mbak Jui again. Just call me Juin :-)

boy said...

The higher the position you held, the loneliest you’ll become. --> kalo kata orang Investment Banking, the higher a monkey climbs, the more you can see of his ass :)

Devi said...

Sorry to hear that (I hope you didn't end up like Miranda Priestly on Devil Wears Prada), but I'm glad you're doing just fine. Just remember that everybody wants to be in your shoes :)

Great power comes with great responsibilities. If you honestly think you've been working your ass off for the current position then you should be proud of yourself. Chin up, dear! You can always turn to your cyber friends LOL.

tere616 said...

boy : LOL. So true, because the higher the monkey climb, the more ass that monkey show to us.

Devi : I know that. But sometimes you can't prevent the loneliness, especially when you have to hold the bad news :-(

Sometimes people don't see it.

Actually in every great leader there's part of Miranda Priestly inside them. Otherwise they can't be a great leader.

Devi said...

I strongly agree with you!