Sunday, February 01, 2009

The Early Result

Today is the 1st month birthday after I’ve delivered my 2009 Resolution Babies. The babies that I named as Procrastination, Exercise and Hobby.

I’ve been known as the most procrastination person, even my mom hate me because of my habit; therefore it’s about time to change it. I really want to change, be a new person. At least not a full procrastination but at least a little bit procrastination person.

So, how’s the 1st month going on ?

Well …I can manage myself better now. At least I’m able to manage not to pend most of my task until the last minute. I manage to tidy up my clothes in my wardrobe everyday, something in the past that I always failed.

But not today, not after January 2009, I think I should give myself a trophy for that. There’s still 1 or 2 task that sometimes I put in my pending box but most of it, I’m succeed to finish it in and on time.

What about my reading habit ? (The hobby part).
Since January, I have my own target, at least once a month; I must be able to finish 1 book from more than 30 un-finished books of my 2007 till 2009 list. Now, at least January am able to finish 1 book and still reading 3 books simultaneously.

The others?
I still have to work hard to finish the things in my Pandora box but at least I’ve done something instead of doing nothing.

The 3rd babies, The Exercise ?
Am able to jog for 2 km and reduced 2 kg of my December weight, but it was last week
So it’s about time to set new schedule and new target for February.

Phew …
Finally, I have my non financial 2009 goals.
The goals to balance my life, the things that I’ve forgotten in 2008.


Anonymous said...

Yeah...go for it, make exercise as a habit and make it addictive! A bit difficult with the weather...are you joining any gym?

tere616 said...

parvita : It's so glad that finally I met you :-D Love it to the bone. We should met again, sharing stories :-)

Actually, am joining Fitness First, hired a PT, and failed to follow his instruction. LOL. I want to exercise early in the morning but his schedule were full. Let's c if I have luck this month :-)

Elyani said...

sorry I missed it yesterday...not that I avoided of meeting you ladies..but I had an uncomfortable back pain and is still dealing with it now. I may have to see the acupuncturist tomorrow and see if it helps. Losing a lot of estrogen after partial hysterectomy is thing to be expected..but I was not told about this bone thingies. Anyway, back to the topic..I am a proscratinator too..and like you am trying to beat this bad habit.

ps : Therry bilang minggu depan mau kopdar lagi ya...aku janji deh pasti datang kali ini! :)

tere616 said...

Elyani : will see you on Sunday. I've the same pain like you. Will share about it on Sunday :-)

johnorford said...

so how r the resolution going, 3+ months in? : P