Thursday, August 03, 2006

The English and CRM Class

My English Class day …. !!!!

We talked about movies …. Only the three of us, my young adult friend, myself and my teacher. We love watching film like hell. Therefore, since only the three of us in the class, we all agreed that we would discuss the film that we have watched.

It started when my teacher asked us, if we have a choice between Porn Regulation and the Police act, which one that we would choose.

Me, since I hate the way a police officer act, automatically will choose the government take care our police officer. My teacher, she is British, agreed with my comment. She told us that she doesn’t mind to cover herself as long as Indonesian police officer behaves as if they should be.

I agreed with the idea of cover us, but it’s only 5 minutes. I told her “Hemma, no. I don’t like to cover myself but I do mind to do something if our Indonesian police officer behaves.

Then we are talking about Shamalayan film, compared it with Sixth Sense and Psycho. Jump to another film of Denzel Washington, discussed how funny his film “Inside Man”. Try to understand the different type of humor like black humor, dry humor …and the other humor (forgot the idiom).

Change the topic to Saturday Night Live , the comedian program at CNBC (we could not watch it every time .. but sometimes we could see it) .How Adam Sandler and Eddy Murphy were the one of Saturday Night Live program. Differentiate it with British humor at Little Britain (?) and Whose in the Line (?) - another program at Star World.

It seems that it will be like a merry go round, round and round and round…..until the time is over and my teacher gave us her comment of our grammar. …”The first English discussion I have ever had in my life without any correction !”…

What a happy day …!!! After 9 hours stuck in the meeting room. Listened to the Russian introduce their product capabilities, with difficulty in understanding her English. Finishing the other project with the product development guy, tried to match our project.

Entering the room of my English class was like in Heaven. Breath the air of my “freedom” from all the telco term. No push to talk term, no mms term, no CRM term, none …nothing ….

Oh God, thank you for giving me 1.15 hours in heaven…

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