Saturday, August 05, 2006

The Longest Day

Phew….finally it’s over. Woke up at 04.00 am and rushed to the train station to catch the first train to Cirebon. Yeah…I have to sign the entire notary and bank administration process.

The branch manager was so kind. She admired the handicraft that was put in the show room. “You must have the art sense; otherwise your handicraft wouldn't be that beautiful”.

Just smiled and told her that I have to stop my handicraft business for a while. I will come back to the handicraft business someday with proper preparation.

Listened to the notary read the legal agreement, witnesses my husband sign the document. Put my signature as the witness of the agreement.

Smiled and politely answered the question of my current job, the possibility of me staying in Cirebon, my daughters condition; all that kind of “appetizer” questions.

I felt relief when I left the bank at 11.45 am. Slept less than 4 hours, did not eat my normal breakfast, catch up the train and took almost 3 hours trip with the cockroach children running at my window…was not something to be remember ….; in fact it made me loose my temper.

Had the lunch at my favorite restaurant, “Ayam Bahagia” (The Happy Chicken – if literally translated to English) before ahead to the fabric.

I thought I could finish my “Corporate Solution” business plan but the effect of 4 hours slept made me loose my brain also.

I could not think and the worst thing, I could not digest the 300 pages research survey of the key player within Telco industry.

….. #@%$^%^**&@#@$$%$ …

I have to finish it on Monday and only read 30 pages of those 300 pages. I have to give it to my Marketing Director on Monday (anytime as long as Monday) and still my brain was drain.

I can’t say anything now…except whisper my wishes to GOD to give me a brain to think of my strategy clearly so I could write it down and give it to my Marketing Director.

…I think I have to take a rest now, already 00.30 AM. Just arrived from Cirebon at 11.00 pm...

Could you find the essence of all am saying ? LOL, the essence only one word "EXHAUSTED"

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