Thursday, August 17, 2006

Happy Independence Day Indonesia ........

Today, we are celebrating our 61st independence day …. And how sad to watch the news that many of the younger generation don’t even know the composer of Indonesian anthem.

I asked my daughters whether they know about the composer of Indonesian anthem, and they gave me the same answer as seen on TV.

Born in the family where the old people always reminded us of their struggle and fight for freedom, its bit irony to know that my daughters did not know anything about Indonesian anthem, the most beautiful anthem in the world.

I think I should tell them the story of their ancestors … ; to remind them that we could live as if today is because of them, because of their struggle to free from the colonizer.

Therefore, I dedicated this song, a song that has a moral message, a wish from our ancestors to the younger generation, to my two beautiful daughters.

Waktu hujan turun, rintik perlahan
Bintang pun menari, awan pun menebal,
Kutimang si buyung, belaian sayang
Anakku seorang, tidurlah tidur
Ibu menjaga, Ayah mendoa
Agar kau kelak jujur melangkah
Jangan engkau lupa, Tanah pusaka
Tanah air kita, Indonesia

Belaian Sayang
By Bing Slamet


treespotter said...

lucky little ones :D

tere616 said...

treespotter :
Hm...thank you. Seems that am getting old :)

Xun said...

Wow, having been in US for about 9 years, totally feel that neither national days (of China and United States) have anything to do with me. Guess I always belong to the fringe, no party, no organization, no ideaology, no country.