Thursday, May 11, 2006

All about Politic

by Stephen Gaghan

I remembered one of the question at yahoo.answer asked about the oil in the Middle East and American politics when finally I saw this movie. Questioned the American position of the Middle East Oil Business.

The movie did not answer it all, but it was interesting to watch the beliefs of fanatical people, the greedy people, the oil and the politic connected one in another this movie.

How the decision could change people’s life, destroyed the good one and left the bad one. How the fanatical beliefs made a father lost his son, washed the brain of the poorest one to become a martyr for nothing.

Finally I had the picture of the fanatical people who destroyed my country, Indonesia , who destroyed their own people …

Anyway, the picture was beautiful, especially at the last part, take my breath away.

This is a hard movie …don’t watch is just for fun. I think I have to watch it once again to get the “main” message.

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