Monday, May 22, 2006


by Sanjay Leela Bhansali

When it comes to God we are all blind, none of you have ever seen him or heard him. But I’ve touched God. I’ve felt His presence…(Michell speech in her graduation day …”Black”)

I was reading my friend’s article about Faith, Piety and Power when I saw the above quotation at my notebook.

The quotation that made me remembers my pilgrimage to a quiet, wet and cold, Lourdes in January 2005.

The perfect time to contemplate (said one of the priests). The season that they waiting for. Time to look at ourselves walk from the darkness through the Light. Time to touch God from the Dark. Time to hear God’s sound from our deafness.

I never saw God, not even heard Him, but yes….I’ve touched God’s presence in every stages of my life. Not in the best path of my life but in the worst path of my life.

The path where I said nasty things to God, the path when I questioned God for every answer that He had given to me; the path where I could not stand on my feet.

The path who taught me of wisdom, spirit and courage at the end of the journey.

The journey that made me understand that because of their blindness relationship every human being has the right to say that their faith is the best amongst the others.

Yes, blindness…because we never saw God nor heard about Him. We only felt and touch His presence through the wisdom, the spirit and the courage.

Something that we may say “insane” to someone who beliefs to what they felt; not based on the fact.

The insanity which made us “sane”.

Therefore no one in the world who have the right to persuade others to follow their faith because every human being have their own understanding, their own way to touch God.

And same as my friend, at the end, I keep questioning, if every human being could see that faith was vertical relationship with God; do they still say that theirs are better than others ? If every human being could see how “insane” they were, do they still use it as a tool to gain the power ?

Faith is insanity….