Wednesday, May 24, 2006

How "Messages from the Masters : Tapping into the Power of Love" changed my life

by Brian Weiss

We go through so many stages when we’re here. We shed a baby body, go into a child’s, from child to an adult, an adult into old age. Why shouldn’t we go one step beyond and shed the adult body and go onto a spiritual plane ? That is what we do. We don’t just stop growing; we continue to grow. When we get to the spiritual plane, we keep growing there, too. We go through different stages of development. When we arrive, we’re burned out. We have to go through a renewal stage, a learning stage, and a stage of decision. We decide when we want to return, where, and for what reasons. Some choose not to come back. They choose to go on to another stage of development. And they stay in spirit form…some for longer than others before they return. It is all growth and learning…continuous growth. Our body is just a vehicle for us while we’re here. It is our soul and our spirit that last forever … (Chapter two, Cycle of Life).

There are a lot of “extreme” statements from the Master for someone who do not believe of “past life”. But if we go through to every chapter of this book and try to contemplate it, reflected ourselves, then we may know that this is not just about “past life”, it is about we, as a human being, choose our path in every stages of our life. Not just one life but for every journey that we choose.

The path will be vary, depends on the spiritual life that we failed to achieve in our journey. The spiritual life is not about “faith”; it is about us as a human being has love each other. Is about a love that a mother should give to her children, about a love that a husband should give to his wife, about a superior love to their subordinates.

This is about Karma, suffering, happiness and healing.

This book was talking about LOVE. The LOVE which stated in every religion in the world but mistakenly understood by their disciple because of a human ego. The love which if we practiced it will prevent us from war, from suffering.

This book was talking about our responsibility as human being for our action, about forgiveness, about Immortality and finally about THE UNIVERSAL GOD.

The last answer that I search for. The answer about religion which finally gave me an understanding that religion was made by human to feed our hunger of the MASTERS.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.
I'm not a believer in Karma. I believe in the Almighty God, creator of Heaven and Earth, the Lord Jesus Christ. The only reason mankind has the ability to love is because God has given it to us, otherwise, we would destroy ourselves. That's just my humble opinion. :-)

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