Sunday, May 07, 2006

The Good Fight

I have made my decision. I will follow the path that God has given to me; follow the opportunity that God has given to me. No need to worry even though this is the battle of the reality and the dream.

So here I come …; preparing my interview to be the best interview as usual.

While at the same time live my life as if today is my last day, still preparing for Mexican Gift Show in August 2006 (, still taking my English course every day, still trying to finish my goals in my 43things, in my consumption….

What a beautiful day, what a challenging battle….

The roller-coaster is my life;
Life is a fast, dizzying game;
Life is a parachute jump;
It’s taking chances, falling over
And getting up again;
It’s mountaineering;
It’s wanting to get to the very top of yourself
And feeling angry and dissatisfied
When you don’t manage it

By Paulo Coelho – Eleven Minutes

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