Saturday, May 06, 2006

An Option

I just got a letter and a VCD of my interview during Asian Living Exhibition at Offenbach, Frankfurt.

It was nice to know how people remembered me, .. kind, helpful and friendly person … , while the truth is during the process of the interview I am the only one who refused to use the text that they have given to me.

But it is not the letter that makes me feel a little bit miserable. In fact, the letter gave me great pleasure of my first exhibition.

It was a phone call from a head hunter that makes me feel a little bit miserable, a little bit in doubt.

Oh….GOD must be laugh at me now.

So Ironic, a phone cal that I always wait in my previous life as an employee ... a phone call that always boots my energy to look for another opportunity. But now … after I have decided to resign and try to make my dream a live, the lovely head hunter phone call always put me in difficult situation…

Makes me run to my own world, asking the same question again and again, “Is this the phone call that I want to hear from ? Is this the answer of my pray ? Is this the signage that GOD trying to show me ?

The questions that is hard to answer.

The questions that make me look back to my current life; the questions that make me review my life, the questions that make me difficult to come out from my nutshell.

The answer that is hard to say.

The answer that makes my life change, the answer that makes my little daughter disappointed, the answer that makes me put my dream back in the corner.

I wish GOD did not create a word names “An Option”, “A Choice”.

Be a good girl or a bad girl, having a master degree or bachelor, work as an employee or run own company, full time employee or temporary employee, married or being single, having children or not, be a good wife or a career woman, …and another choice, another option…until finally there is no option for us ..

Maybe this prediction that I saved was something that GOD try to remind me ….

Your keywords for today are 'reinvention' and 'exploration.' It's time to examine your current role in life and ask yourself if it really suits you. Where do you want to go next? Who do you want to be?

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Anonymous said...

Your longer term life objective would help you to judge the option, it is your life... or just follow your destiny. Good luck