Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day

"I promise every night I learn Math, Bahasa Indonesia, Sains, IPS, Agama and Bahasa Inggris. I love you forever !!!! Thank you Mom for loving me forever, every day and every time ! I love you Mom".

That was written in the hand made "Happy Mother's Day" card given by my youngest daughter.
I just woke up and had done my ritual morning with her - asked her sleeps - when she took a white envelope under her pillow.

She smiled and told me that she had written a letter for me. At first I thought it was her usual imaginary letter but when I read it, I was so surprised.

It was funny to read her English words, so I asked her who taught her how to make the greetings card. I thought it was her assignment in her English class. But she said that she watched Disney's channel and she found out that 14 March is Mother's Day.

I know that I am not the "super" mom for her; I am not like her other's friend's mom who had time to pick their daughter up from school. It's been a long time since I made her favorite cake.
Sometimes I felt annoyed when she tried to distract me from my book, from my work, from my assignment or when she turned on the television while I was listening to my favorite music.

But one thing that I know, that I always do my best to be a good mother for both of my daughters.
Therefore, read her "funny" English greetings card made me realized that I'm still her "hero", her "great mom".

I remembered my mother told me that "It was not longer, time will fly so fast, and suddenly you can not hold her like before, you can not carry her anymore. Therefore you have to cherish this moment."

My mother was correct.

My first daughter, she is in her "teenage world". It seems just yesterday when she asked me to hold her every time she wants to sleep. It seems just yesterday when she never ignored my advice.

Yes, time flies so fast and without I could realize my youngest daughter soon will be in her teenage world.

I hope I still have a chance to be her "hero", to be her "great mom", as my mom did it to me. I wish GOD still grant me that opportunity.

"Happy Mothers Day !!!! Mom, I love you so much and thank you for scholing me, give me a present. I love you so much for loving me forever. My heart is so cold, I need you in home, in school, in class, and in every where I go. Thank you Mom."
That was her other card hang on the door of my bedroom. What a beautiful day day......

Happy Mother's Day to every mom...…


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