Monday, May 15, 2006

Andari's Happy Mother's Day Greetings Card

.... Her First Card

Happy Mother's Day Mom !!

I promise every night I learn Mat, Bahasa Indonesia, Sains, IPS, Agama and Bahasa Inggris.
I love you forever !!!!

Thank you Mom for loving me forever, every day and every time !

I love you Mom.

From : Andari
To : Mom

... Her second cards

Happy Mothers Day !!!!

Mom, I love you so much and thank you for schooling me, gift me a present.
I love you so much for loving me forever, My heart is cold, I need you in home, in school, in class and in every where !

I love you.
Thank you Mom
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Xun said...

hello, Tere616

Thanks for your kind and fond comments on my blog ( Yeah, little girls are precious, tender, very lovely.

The greeting card your daughter made is very pretty and thoughtful, the writing is beautiful too. Even though you may no longer hold her in your arms like you used to, it is enormous pride and joy knowing that your daughters have grown big and well, loving and capable.

I will add you to my blogroll. If you do not mind, please add mine to yours.

Take care. Keep in touch.

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