Sunday, July 16, 2006

Between Films and Macaroni - Cheese - Ham, Home Made

It’s about time to say good-bye to my lovely Week End. After spent it with 4 movies, my daughters stuff – their books, pencil, pen, eraser – and Macaroni – Cheese – Ham home made.

After the exhausted weekend last week, this 2nd weekend (after my coming back in the corporation world) felt like in heaven. Watched my DVD’s list that I’ve planned and listed in allconsuming, baked Macaroni – Cheese and Ham for my daughters- their request since 2 weeks ago and clean up my messy bookshelves., are something that I’ve dreamed for.

Browse the accessories with my young adult daughter, listened to her comment of The Old Town Jakarta – she told me that next time she would ask me to take her picture with the old building as a background - . Spotted blushes on her face when the young handsome boy smiled at her (the worst part in having a teenage girl – getting old fast).

Shocked with my little daughter memories of The Old Town Jakarta, happy when she ate her shrimp like hell, and smiled when she examined her new math book.

All that kind of lovely things that I miss. The things that I worried when I had decided to enter the corporation world again, my time with my daughters and my own pleasure.

I was worrying when on the 1st week of July I couldn’t find time for my own. Have to do my duty as a member of one big family, went to a wedding party - something that I hate to do, because of the preparation took about 1.5 hours and spend only 45 minutes at the party – smile to everybody, which is most of the time I forgot the name of my relatives. Could not eat much since that kebaya makes me like a lady, could not laugh out loud – have to behave – otherwise all the aunties and uncles will give their “odd” look. Then went to my father in law’s house, wait my daughter play with her cousin, and couldn’t take a shower because I didn’t bring a change. While on the 2nd day, helped my nephew finished her advertising task, designed her first add for a magazine, before helped my sister in law sent medicines to her son and had lunch at patty crappy (crab black pepper at Kelapa Gading – named as patty crappy because Dora the Explorer name her crab’s friend as it is). Went home late and could not do anything. Just a regretful feeling … did not have a chance to relax, did something of my own.

Lucky that last Monday all kids still enjoy their holiday, otherwise my last Monday would be a nightmare.

But this weekend, as I said before, I was happy …. Felt as if I’ve been charged and get ready for the busy Monday. Ready for half day meeting, half day full listening to a company’s survey for IPO preparation, and 1 hour relax –lunch at the cafeteria or at my desk.

So, if I have to scale my weekend, the 3rd weekend in July, with 1to 5 scale and 5 is the highest, then I’m going to scale it 5.

A smile of happy mother when her daughters told her to save her Macaroni - Cheese and Ham for their breakfast tomorrow morning.

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