Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The day after

Can't believe it, I've still got my headache. I thought after I take a rest then the pain will vanish. Phew... 2 days in a row, going to be 3 days in a row, run to another meeting after meeting, have to understand all that kind of telco technical term, deal with staff problem....

Wish my laptop will be ready so I can work and start communicating through mail.

Read some of Treespotter blog, smile a lil bit read the cartoon posted in his blog, check email and Now... I'm ready to start my 3rd day.

Here's the review of yesterday.

My second day at my new office…Tuesday

I can’t believe it, I have to bring my own laptop to my new office. The company didn’t have the spare. LOL, we lived in the Hi Tech era and computer is one of the “basic” things that they should have.

Little bit shocked for a while, but anyway, this is my other adventure, so why bother. As my old friend said to me last night, “Wow, smart move. I made a mistake when I joined that company. I always work long hours and when I wanted to change it, it was too late. Good …keep maintain that pace.”

Yeah…this time, I want to have a better quality in my life. I believe if I use my time effectively then I don’t have to spend all my day in the office, with my mind fly to “home”. No more bring the office problem at home.

People can change. Yes, I have changed, I changed my value of seeing the “world”, seeing my life.

Jogging 30 minutes, read the newspaper, chit-chat with my little daughter for a while…then on the way to the office.

Start a meeting with the VP Marketing, met with the CEO, got another task, and start 2007 plan.

Learned new things about Content Service Management and Content Provider, the new "term".

Time flies so fast ; suddenly it's already 5 pm. Call the VP Marketing for staff issue tomorrow morning, remind the staff for Wednesday morning meeting, then ran away to my English class.
Miss my English class, miss communicate in English, Miss my group....
We have a discussion about Man and Woman, what a funny and interesting discussion, will share it later. Too bad that we have to end it ... already 7.15 pm.

Finally I can finish my task for Tuesday .... time to go home and take a rest.

But the "smart prediction" driver took a wrong way, instead of took a toll road through Kuningan, he took a tool road through Sudirman. Oh my GOD !, I was too tired to argue so I take my best position to sleep......

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