Monday, July 10, 2006

With This Ring

Finally I know the place where I belong
Took me a while for my heart to find a home
Now I am living what only I have dreamed
I've been completed
Finally I know the meaning of true love
Forever kind, never failing throughout time
Perfect communion of body, soul and mind
Trusting for always

I have been patient in searching
Now I'm ready to receive
All of the goodness that your mercy
Has created just for me

Finally I am committing all my life
Willing to die for this beauty of my side
Here at this moment two people fall in line
We are uniting one purpose and one mind
Binding together the love we cannot bide
So glad I waited
Now all I can say is
Finally I

..... Finally, Daryl Coley (Duawne Starling) from With This Ring

Every time I hear this song, every time I ask myself "How can we keep this "Finally" word still the same. How can I keep that dream alive ? How can I keep "you're the one as the only one in my life" ..... and never fall .....


treespotter said...

try the song, Finally, by the Fools Garden

tere616 said...

Ok, will find and try it. Thank you for the recommendation :)