Monday, July 31, 2006

Why I recommend "Decalage Horaire (Original French Version with English Subtitles)"

As typical French movie, there is only the leading actor and the supporting actor. The story itself, a classic and universal one, “LOVE”.

LOVE in “Jet Lag’ is something that happened in our “love” journey, where the attraction came from something in common, from the lack of understanding, from the small thing that occurred within the ordinary people.

LOVE in “Jet Lag” showed that the “need to be love” came through the similarity in thought, came through the appreciation of our hard working, the appreciation of our dream.

LOVE in “Jet Lag” taught us to be honest to our own feeling, to be brave to say “I need you”, to be brave to say “I want you”.


Anonymous said...

It must very busy movie today. Haven't got new movie " in the line of cor sol"

Anonymous said...

Life is good the whetheer is beutiful so far