Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Men and Women are from Different Planet

We had this discussion in my English class last Tuesday. The opinion stands from 1 (agree strongly) up to 5 (disagree strongly).

The statement stated below and my opinion is in the bracket.

1. Men are better drivers than women (5)
2. Women are more faithful in relationship (4)
3. Girls usually mature more quickly than boys (1)
4. Women are inefficient in the business world because they tend to bee too emotional (3)
5. Men and women are born with identical natural abilities (1)
6. Nature has given women so much power that the law has very wisely given them little (1)
7. Men find it difficult to express their emotions except when their football team scores a goal (3)
8. If more women were in positions of power, there would be fewer wars in the world (3)
9. It is more important for women to take care of their appearance than it is for men (1)
10.Men are from Mars and women are from Venus (1)

The guy in my class automatically agrees strongly with statement number one. As can predict, ask every man in the world and they always claim that they were much better drivers than women were. While in fact, not the entire guy in the world has the ability like women.

Same as women are more faithful in relationship. Ask every woman in the world and her answer will be agreed strongly. While the reality, not all women in the world act like that.

I strongly agree that Men and Women are from different planet. The way they talk, the way the handle the problem, their logic and emotion, shows the difference. But even though they were from different planet, they still can talk with a little bit adjustment.

Like the IT guy always said if we would like to buy another different system platform, “don’t worry, both of them can communicate”.

Back to the discussion, the only guy who has to stand of himself, finally stated that it was no point to discuss the difference. He found it difficult to handle those six women. LOL.

So if we know already the difference, why there's no changes in the invention of quiz related to men and women relationship ?

Therefore the answer is > It’s enough for today. I felt exhausted. Maybe because of my six months relaxation day, my body and mind get used with it. So when the rythim changed, they need time to adjust it.

Yeah ... compare the one day full of meeting and one full day with the artisan in Bali; for my mind and body, still the one full day with the artisan in Bali are nicer and less stressfull.

I’m sleepy ….miss my pillow already…

Hope I could wake up earlier tomorrow and do my jog again (no progress of my weight still need 2 kg to reduce).

PS :
Suddenly I miss my relaxation day, met the artisan, explained the process to the buyer, watch my list of movies to see, read my book :)


treespotter said...

finally, there's a girl that just admit that we're far superior driver. How's that for gender admission!

tere616 said...

Did I say that ? am the one who disagree with that statement. Ouch, I should say .. "not entire guy in the world has better quality drivers than women".

Anyway, am not a fan of gender. As I said before, I agreed that both of us are from different planet :)