Friday, July 07, 2006

A Quick Glance

I felt absolutely exhausted last night. The only thing I did was updated my journal and stop by to some of my neighbour's blog.

Couldn't sleep well because my daughter and her cousin played with the internet in my room. The reason was because I have to bring my laptop to the office. While in fact it was just a waste since I spent all of my day at JHCC on the Indonesian Celllular Show for "Meeting the Customer" program sponsored by Kompas.

Will update the result of program in separate blog.

Wake up late this morning and couldn't write more because I only have 15 minutes to check my personal mail.

Anyway....Thanks God It's Friday ... the end of my first week of my coming back in the corporation world.


treespotter said...

Monday awaits :D

tere616 said...

treespotter, yeah you're right. Another hectic week, especially with the never ending activity in this week end.