Sunday, July 30, 2006

Same taste, Same Place, Different People

** Write on Saturday Morning **

It seems that the Friday Nightmare took my energy until the last. I woke up this morning with my lovely migraine again. I have to swallow the red panadol pill to cure the migraine otherwise; I could not anything just lying in my bed.

Yeah…. I had a Friday Blues. It started on Thursday evening during my lunchtime when my cell phone played the lovely SMS song. The message was from my boss, informed us that he wanted us to prepare the presentation of strategy and plan for 2007. I could not believe my eyes at that time and I don’t think that everybody too.

The SMS came on Thursday evening and I only have one night to think the 2007 strategy and plan !!!! I called and told him that I could not prepare the strategy since he never shared his 2007 dream. He just laughed and said that …. He only need my dream nothing else.

So … I worked and dreamed like crazy on the rest of Thursday. Tried to do my best to take my dream of the customer care. Slept only 4.5 hours just to prepare the presentation ….

But .. what did I have on that Friday Blues evening ? When I showed him my best dream, he just smiled and said that his intention today was not discussing our plan but he just want to do the brainstorming.

What a f*….; I worked as crazy on Thursday near could not wake up early on Friday morning and he just simply said that his “magical” word, something that I have reminded him on that Thursday evening….

Anyway,…Boss is always right, no one can ever say that the quotation was wrong. The brain storming started with the unbelievable discussion of him and his product development guy. It was stopped after I told him that al of the fact that had been mentioned by the product development guy already stated in the research.

Then it started again like a never ending Alice in The Wonderland story. And it happened again, I have to remind him if he showed his doubt. Told him several times that we should use the result of the survey. I thank God that finally it ended at 06.30 pm.

I was exhausted after the meeting finished. I lost my oxtail soup Hotel Borobudur appetite. I wanted to run away .. but he insisted his down lined to accompany him.

As predicted, the hot topic of dinner discussions are about the “crème de la crème” of business owner in Indonesia, the Who and Who’s, something that I never give a damn on it. Then one of my colleagues gave his BS talk about one of my friend in credit card industry, … I tried as hard not to give him my cynical comment.

What a nightmare !!!!!

Suddenly I regret my plan that I’ve made last night. Especially when I remembered my boss comment on my plan of the SLA, something that he has not read yet.

Suddenly I miss my old time with my friends; the dinner that we had at the same place last year. No business topic, no audit findings topic, no project and budget discussion, none, ZERO. We just laughed like hell. Oh… I miss them a loooottttt.

Oxtail Soup with the same taste, the same place but with different people …..

God was so kind with me, lectured me about Heaven and Hell that night......

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