Friday, December 28, 2007

Another note from "Evening"

Mistakes are beautiful, baby
Mistakes are fun, baby

Overcome by the power of memory, Ann Lord reveals a long-held secret to her concerned daughters; Constance, a content wife and mother, and Nina, a restless single woman. Both are bedside when Ann calls out for the man she loved more than any other. But who is this Harris ?

Ann Lord make her journey when she was Ann Grant, a young woman who has come from New York City to be maid of honor at the high-society Newport wedding of her dearest friend from college, Lila Wittenborn. The bride-to-be is jittery, and turns to her maid-of-honor, rather than her own mother, for support. Ann stays close to her friend, yet is even closer to Lila's irrepressible brother Buddy. Unexpected feelings surge forth once Ann meets wedding guest Harris Arden, a lifelong friend and intimate of the Wittenborn family. Ann's love for Harris will change her life, and those of her daughters, forever.

That was the story of “Evening”, a movie that I will remember like “The Ultimate Gift”. But this time, the answer left was about the mistakes. Is it ? Is it beautiful ? Is it fun ?

What I do remember, mistakes always at the end bring remorseless, shameless, humiliation, punishment and regret. I never felt that the mistakes that I made were fun or beautiful. Even if I pictured it I still felt remorse, shame, sad, and regret myself.

So why it was beautiful and fun ? Unless what we thought mistakes is not a mistake.

Fall in love to someone and still carry that feeling for the rest of our lives, living with that person in our mind are mistakes, because we betrayed our partner through our mind. We ruin our live.

But the feeling, the hope that we bring to life, is so beautiful. Yes, beautiful, because every day we put that hope as our star, so when the toughest day knocks our door, there’s something that we hold, that feeling.

Yes it was fun. Can you imagine playing with the memory; see it through different angle, the angle of love ? It was fun, because we let our mind plays with the imaginary.

It is not just a mistake of falling in love, in every part of our lives; the mistakes that we made at the end always bring the painful feeling, regret, anger to ourselves.

But the fruit of mistakes is always beautiful, because we have something to share with our dear one that we meet in our live to avoid doing the same mistakes.

It was fun, because we never have that kind of experience again. Fun because of the feeling when we did it was 180 degrees different.

Anyway … as my friend text me “It’s positive thinking to see a mistake …. But mistake is mistake …”


Anonymous said...

Dear Tere
Is it beautiful, is it fun for you betraying your partner?
He forgived you for the mistakes you made and you still keep the memories in your mind as the besutiful and fun things?
is that the way you will spend the rest of your live?
Don't see a mistake as a right thing. a mistake is a mistake like your friend said.

tere616 said...

anonymous : If you read it carefully, you will understand that a mistake is a mistake.

As I said, betraying a partner is a mistake, spend the rest of our life with the shadow of somebody else is also a mistake.

But if we look through different angle, we can see the beautiful of the mistakes, at least there's something that we can share or advice to our children, our friend, to prevent them make the same mistake.

As I said and fully agreed with my friend told me ..mistake is a mistake...

wiseguy said...

Tere Honey.
You realized a mistake is a mistake and you feel sorry for that but sorry to say that what I could understand from your article, you enjoy your mistake you made. and it is not something you can share to your children or friends eventhough the reason is to prevent them making the same mistake.
Happy New Year

jasmine-line said...

Not even here in your blog you can share your mistake you made. Keep it in your mind only or take it off. imagine if your partner read your article?
We love you, we like your blog, your articles are amazing, but not this one.

tere616 said...

wise-guy : No, if you read it carefully you will find out that there's no such joy of making the mistake. The mistake that I wrote was the mistake of Ann who live with the shadow of Harris, a guy that she met when she was single and still keep her feeling towards him. She married with Harris shadow for almost 43 years. She didn't share it with her daughters but when she saw the "pain" in her daughters life, the "beauty" of the mistakes was her "beauty advice" to her daughter.

Jasmine-line : Dear, that was the fruit of "Evening", as I explained to Wise-Guy. I'm not sharing my "personal life" experience. I was trying to put myself into Ann, the main character of the "Evening".

As I said .. "unless what we thought as a mistake is not a mistake .."

Anyway .. thank you for the advice. I know that this is controversial issue and as my friend said to me, when we discussed the statement of mistakes, we have to put that statement in the right context.

The reason I write it and put it in my blog, just because I was so curious with that statement, because .. mistake is still a mistake ...

surjit said...

Hi Tere616,
"Only some of us can learn by other people's mistakes.The rest of us have to be other people."
Mistakes are part and pacels of our lives provided they are not intentionals and are not repeated.
Thanks for sharing a wonderful post.
Wish you a very happy and prosperous New Year.
God bless.

CresceNet said...

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tere616 said...

Surjit : The worst part is most of us, most of the time, we were the "some people".

Thanks to you too, for sharing the beautiful insight.

God Bless you too ..