Sunday, December 16, 2007

I'll Be Home for Christmas

I’m in the middle of listening one of my favorite Christmas song “I’ll be home at Christmas”, when my daughter, my beautiful oldest daughter rushed into my room.

She looked panic, sad when she told me that the father of her friend passed away on Saturday night in Qatar. She told me how her friends was so happy on that Saturday, when Rosa, her friend’s name, told my daughter that her father will come home soon, to celebrate Christmas with her.

“Rosa was so happy, Bunda, I still remembered her happy voice when she shared the good news yesterday. I could not imagine how sad she is. I feel sorry for Rosa,” my daughter said to me.

I was speechless when I heard that news. I could not imagine if it was happening to me or my daughter in this Christmas season. I bet that for all of my life, my Christmas will not be as happier as before. My Christmas will be the mourning season of the losses of someone that I love.

Suddenly I heard my voice advice her, that it was the reason why I always tell her to prepare for the worst, to always cherish the moment that we have when we were surrounding by our love’s one, since we never knew when the good times leave us for a while.

In my nutshell this morning, I ask God to give us strength, faith, when we have to lose our dearest one; to remind me of how precious my life was because He gave me two beautiful angels and a loving husband; to remind me to cherish every single day that He has given to me because He gave me true friends to help me walk through the storm.

We never know when He take our dearest one back but we always know that He had given us the opportunity to cherish the day when we open our eyes on the next day.

I wish I never forgotten His beautiful lesson at the 3rd week of this Christmas Season. Beautiful gift of how we have to cherish the day with our dearest one, with our true friends, with every people that we met along the way. So when He takes back the gift, we will remember the moment with our dearest one, with our true friends in happiness and no bitterness.

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