Saturday, December 01, 2007

Christmas Season

Entering December always make me feel to contemplate. I need a time for myself, back to my nutshell, review the day that I have spent in the current year, bring the memory of all the “shocking” situation, evaluate my happiness and sadness moment and finally let go all the painful, hurtful memories. So when the D day comes, I can feel the joy of Christmas in my heart.

But the saddest part is for more than 4 years, especially last year; I have missed my Christmas Season ritual …

Therefore this time, I will not let my Christmas Season month go away. I don’t want to miss this moment, the moment of Intimacy with God (a booklet that I got from my friend).

I have a bunch of painful and hurtful memories to let it go with the wind, I have a bunch of happiness memories that I want to embrace and rejoice, and I want to feel it in this month, my Christmas Season ….

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