Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My dear friend ....,

I don’t know how to say it because there’s a war within myself now. A war of not to be suspicious, and be suspicious. A war of believe and disbelief, that the offer was truly a helpful hand.

Therefore, do you mind to let me be with myself for a while ? I’m not ready to meet and accept the helpful hand that has been offered by your closest friend.

I know that it’s ridiculous and it’s not a good reflection of God’s no.1 rule, my dear friend. But after having experiencing of intrigues and hurtful times, I need a space to be with my friends that I trust, friends that make me feel safe.

Please don’t understand it wrongly. I was so thankful for the story that you’ve shared with me; it’s like a missing puzzle which complete the scattered puzzle that I have.

God was so kind to me lately. He gave me the answer of all my questions of each incidence that happened to me. Its looks like an owl that have all the answer for Pooh and friends. It’s kind of fortune teller crystal ball where you can see the entire plot, all the faces of your life.

I just want to tell you that I’m in the good hands now. I have told myself that I have to win the battle. If at the end I have to lose the battle then I have to lose it in dignity, with satisfaction that I have put every best of mine to win the war.

I’m in the middle of collecting back the pieces of my fairy tale. It’s not easy indeed its need my patience and kind heart.

Your story last night was a gift from God in this 3rd week of Christmas Season. You gave me the strength to walk like a winner even though I’m still in war.

Thank you so much for the friendship that you have given to me. You are still my true friend; one of my friend that I feel safe and trust.


Silverlines said...

Are you okay, Dear ?
I hope you do.
Very Merry Christmas to you.


tere616 said...

Silverlines : Not realy. Seems that lately, for the past 3 months, am at the edge of a cliff.

Thank you for the wishes :-)