Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Magic ...

Do you remember the story of Maria and Martha ?
Be Maria and not Martha ….

Christmas is always identical to party, presents, beautiful card, new album release, new movie, every single things that create an air of festivity, besides the donation and the bible study during Christmas Season.

Therefore, every Christmas, I always busy with the preparation of Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas day when we get together around Christmas tree to find our present from the Santa.

All the gifts, the menu of my Christmas Eve dinner, the menu of my Christmas party, is the most important things for me. My Christmas will be useless if there’s no present, if the preparation is not perfect, if my relative doesn’t like the menu..

Until this evening, when I received beautiful text from my best friend, a reminder of what is the purpose of Christmas itself.

Be Maria and not Martha actually is the reflection of us during Christmas. Martha was so busy to prepare the food and cleaning to entertain Jesus, made everything to be perfect for Jesus, while Maria instead of helping Martha, she sat at Jesus feet and listening to every word that Jesus tell her. Maria doesn’t want to miss a single thing that Jesus said.

Same with me, I was so busy to make everything perfect for the festive, but I forgot to make the perfect thing for myself to be able to serve Him in my relation with others.

All that kind of preparation drags my attention from the most important one, preparation of me in welcoming Him into my house.

So when the text came, I felt like I have got a meesage from above. A reminder that I should stop and sit quietly for a while, and listen to the soft voice that comes from the corner of my heart.

You may say that the text was a coincidence, but not for me, because for the 1st time after years of quiet night, I felt an overwhelmed, peaceful feeling when He stays at my living room.

If I didn’t send the text to my true friend, I may be stuck with the same bitter feeling during Christmas Eve mass.

The entire "If" is a miracle for me. I’ve got a beautiful Christmas present from God, a present that reverse my quiet and bitter night into unforgotten Christmas magic. I do thank God for His magic that came through the pure heart of a true friend. And I do hope that the spirit of Christmas stays with me, always.

Merry Christmas
Hope your Christmas as beautiful as the stars in the sky, as lovely as the full moon.
And may the Spirit of Christmas be with you, always.

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Ecky said...

Indeed magic, Merry Xmas to you :)

tere616 said...

ecky : Yup .. can't agree more than you. Thanks for the wishes :-)