Thursday, December 27, 2007

A note from Lucky You - a movie -

Am I that easy to read ?
When you know the tells

Lucky You is a movie of a hotshot poker player tries to win the world poker tournament in Vegas but is fighting a losing battle with his personal problem.

It is quite interesting to learn how we have to put our emotion at home and try our best to do the math and read people’s fear or happiness while at the same time run the strategy to win the game during poker player.

The worst part is we may the best poker player in the world but when it comes to our personal life, we become the worst person to read ourselves and the only person who can read ourselves better actually is someone who close to us.

…… That was the synopsis of the dialog above ... from Lucky You movie ….

Once upon a time, when the moon is full, somebody asked that question to me. I didn’t say a word, just an overwhelmed feeling that finally I could “read”.

At the other occasion, somebody told me, “I can read you. I can read you better than yourself” and this time I was burst to anger, “No one in the world knows me better than myself”, I said to myself.

Can we really read somebody ? Read by means even though in their silence we know exactly what their mind flow ?

Personally, I will say no. We can not “read” them, what we “read” is their feeling, their sadness, happiness, worries; but not their thinking …

And to be able to read someone is when we open our door to let someone come into our house. Because start on the day we let someone come into our lives, at the same time that person let ourselves to read their feeling, their sadness, happiness, worries … but not their thinking, their mind.

Mind is belonging to the person itself, not ours….

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