Saturday, April 15, 2006

At the end of the road....

I wish…I really wish that I have the spirit to continue designing my company website.

The temptation to quit is so big.

It seems that I put a lot of “goals” on my plate and put them all as “number 1 priority”.

I never learned to prioritize..something that I always failed, something that all my friends reminds me to do.

It’s almost 2 months, and haven’t put anything ….only a sketch.

I hate myself…!!!!

Maybe I push myself too hard, maybe I want to proof something to my self.

When I told my colleague that I want to start my own company and quit from my job, she told me that for sure I will lost my knowledge of technology, that I will not understand anything, or in other word I’ll be a “dumb” person.

I hated her by saying that, I hated her because of her mean opinion.

Then starting from that day, I told myself that I have to proof something, proof to that person, to my lunch time gang, that I’m still the person that they know.

What a stupid idea !! But I can’t quit, I’m too arrogant to do that.

Oh GOD, please…give me a chance to finish it…

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Anonymous said...

Try harder, or run plan B then,