Thursday, April 20, 2006


I fall in love with the ghost of the Goddess.

Suddenly I remembered this message that I received long time ago, the message that took me to the corner of my hidden memories.

It was only one sentence but reflected the despairing, reflected the pain, reflected the suffering of love.

Love never chooses the wrong person; only fate that made love chooses the wrong person. Love is love.

I always questioning God’s gift of love, questioning the fate that God had given, questioning the path that He had chosen, questioning the purpose of the love that He had chosen to us.

If I can turn back the day, if I can find the answer from my past life, maybe I can understand the reason of God’s love, maybe I can understand the memories that I put in the corner.

I never look back to that corner until I heard a song about love, about fate, about fall in love to the ghost.

I thought that I had forgotten that “corner”. I thought that I had forgotten the attachment.

Now in my stillness, I watch from the distance that “picture” with happiness, with rejoices, because God had given me the chance to touch that “ghost”.

In my stillness, I suddenly realize that “the ghost” is always there, never left me behind.

“Maybe in our past life, you are mine and mine is yours”
“Maybe in our future life, you become mine and mine become yours”

What I gave you, shall be yours forever,
I shall not take it back,
But like a bed of some deep river,
I shall make my life richer by touch
Of some other earth.
This golden moment of rhyme, hanging around time,
I shall wear it, only at festivals of mind
Just like a devotee, left behind,
I shall drink the incense of your Shrine !
(Aruna Jethwani)

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